Meet Jon McGill

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Even though he started rearranging his parent’s living room and bedroom at age 10, in high school, Jon told his father that he wanted to be an Accountant. However, after one semester in college, that changed, and he decided to follow his passion and become an Interior Designer.

Jon was born in Arizona, attended Art Center Design College for his bachelor’s, and received his Master’s in Interior Design at Arizona State University. Jon then moved to Santa Fe, NM, for a short time to continue his education. But, like many who move to Utah, Jon came to visit a friend and go skiing and never really left.

Growing up with two sisters, Jon had many opportunities to rearrange all the rooms in the house. As a result, his parents often came home from work with an entire room rearranged, much to his mother’s delight. The only rule was that he couldn’t move his parent’s waterbed again!

To Jon, the best part of being an Interior Designer is seeing his client’s reaction, including the happy tears. “There is something about transforming an old non-functioning space to a brand new design that brings joy to people’s lives,” Jon said. 

Hand-selecting a team of people is an integral part of what makes Design N Mind Interiors work. Everyone from the contractor, sub-contractors, and vendors only reinforces the entire process of transforming a space into the client’s dream.

Jon is married with two kids (under the age of 7) and four dogs, so they have their hands full. However, in their ten years of marriage, Jon & Nick enjoy taking their kids camping and many outdoor activities Utah offers. In addition, he wants to introduce his kids to skiing so that he can get back on the mountain again.

Jon has a large group of friends for whom he loves to entertain and cook Mexican food, but he usually cooks way too much food. Fun fact: Jon won’t eat leftovers but will gladly give his friends a doggy bag! Meeting Jon, you will instantly feel like family, and you never know; he may have some leftovers for you! But he will definitely talk you out of that waterbed!